About us

Honolulu Quartet started when four friends in their late teens met in a small room in the summer of 2014.

“Singing a cappella allows us to express ourselves in a way that no other instrument has up till now”, says Tommaso. The versatility of their voices also allows them to explore a great variety of styles and genres, giving the quartet a distinctive quality.
The songs they tackle range from antique sacred repertoire (very important in Italian history) to modern swing, and are often influenced by traditional European folk music. They also have a particular passion for Irish folk music. With great passion and skill, the members of the quartet harmonize and adapt each song themselves to best suit the peculiarities of each voice. The chemistry and friendship they have together is an essential component in the quartet’s unique timbre.

In three years of activity the quartet has performed more than 150 concerts in Italy, France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Germany and Ireland.

Honolulu Quartet released their first album “One for Honolulu” in 2015 and their second, a Christmas special called “Panettone”, followed in 2016. A new album entirely dedicated to Irish music is planned to be released in 2018.

Tommaso Antonio Giacon - tenor
Pietro Andrigo - tenor
Francesco Valandro - baritone
Tommaso Piron - bass